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To be a real partner to our customers is the way to create true value.

Nidec Group Founder
Shigenobu Nagamori
    Nidec Copal Chairman
     Hiroyuki Yoshimoto
Nidec Copal President
Masakazu Wada



Since its founding in 1949, Nidec Copal Corp. has grown with the high-level Japanese camera industry and is now the top global camera shutter manufacturer. We have diversified our business and have advanced dramatically as a precision equipment manufacturer in fields ranging from microcomponents to large-scale system equipment based on the most advanced optomechatronic technology.
In 1998, with capital participation from Nidec Corporation, the world’s No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer, we have organized a strong, flexible operating base, demonstrating synergy with Nidec Group companies and targeting greater growth and development. Our mission and meaning is to contribute to society by providing customers with technology and products that aid them and meet their needs. We act as a true partner in aiding and assisting customers, directing corporate activities toward this creation of value and advancing toward higher goals. We look forward to your ongoing cooperation and support.

Business Philosophy

While technology targets compactness, functionality, and complexity, we bring to customers the fruits of its production power, meeting their needs from elementary technology to in-house production and final assembly.

We Provide:
   1) Consultation on original development design
   2) Customization fulfilling customer commodity concepts
   3) Optimum production sites such as China and South East Asia,
   4) Application of in-house and local components in high-precision processing technology 

   5) Established production based on quality assurance and environmental management certification

Our ongoing efforts to improve quality, cost, and delivery mean each division works in sales, development, and production to meet these goals through joint cooperation.
Our focus is on improving convenience for customers



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