Manufactures of shutter started as a small scale business


Operation became reorganized as the Copal Koki Company Limited, specializing in the manufacturing of camera shutters. Capitalization: 600,000YEN.


Head office and main plant moved to Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.


Belt conveyor system was employed for assembling shutters.


Received Japan Industrial Standard (JIS) certification for self-timers.


Copal Employees Union was established.


Osaka Office was opened.


Received JIS certification for lens shutters.


Received Okochi Award for improvements in camera lens shutters and for mass production of ultra-precision products.


Listed on Second Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Received Big Ten New Products Award from Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun (Nikkan Industrial News) for Copal Square Shutter.
Received Akashi Memorial Reward from Precision Machinery Institute for development, design, and manufacture of Copal Square Shutter.
Received Practical Invention Award from Japan Invention Association for shutter speed control device.
Received award from Ministry of International Trade and Industry for industrial standardization.


Focal plane shutter

Audio equipment


Changed company name to Copal Company Limited.


Participated in 8th Photokina for the first time.
Copal Precision Co., Ltd., (currently Koriyama Technical Center) began operations in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture.
Camera mission from USSR visited company.


Camera industry representatives from France visited company.
Contract was signed for export of shutter technology to USSR.


Received award from Mainichi Newspapers for digital clock design.
Copal Optical Co., Ltd., (currently Shiojiri Factory) was established in Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture.


Digital clock


Muikamachi Precision Co., Ltd., (currently Nidec Copal Precision Parts Corp., Muikamachi Plant) was established in Muikamachi, Niigata Prefecture.


Emperor Hirohito and Empress Nagako visited Copal Precision Co., Ltd. (currently Nidec Copal Corp., Koriyama Technical Center).
Copal R&D Laboratory Co., Ltd. was established.


8 mm projector


Listed on First Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Ichinoseki Copal Co., Ltd., (currently Nidec Copal Corp., Ichinoseki Plant) was established in Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture.


Electronic Industry Observation Group from PRC visited company.


CP element technology introduced from NEI (U.S.A.).


Merged Copal Precision Co., Ltd.


Copal Labor Union Hall was completed.


M. C. Engineering Co., Ltd., was established.


Minilab system


Merged five manufacturing subsidiaries (Copal Opto-sonic Co., Copal Optical Co., Muikamachi Copal Co., Ichinoseki Copal Co., and Musashino Copal Co.).


Copal Precision Parts Co., Ltd., (currently Nidec Copal Precision Parts Corp.) was established.


Floppy disk drive

Laser printer


Entered into capital participation arrangement with Fujitsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Copal Division).


Copal Precision (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., (currently Nidec Copal (Malaysia) Sdn. Bnd.) was established in Malaysia.
New machinery plant was completed at Shiojiri Factory.


Fukushima Precision Co., Ltd., was established in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture.


Shanghai Copal New Asia Photographic Developing & Printing Co., Ltd., joint venture with Shanghai New Asia (Group) Co., Ltd., was established.


Manufacturing Equipment Division acquired ISO 9002 certification. Optical Electronic Components Division acquired ISO 9001 certification.


Ichinoseki Plant and Muikamachi Plant acquired ISO 9002 certification.


Photo Lab System Division acquired ISO 9001 certification.
Participated in management of Precision Engineered Components Corp. in the Philippines(currently Nidec Copal Philippines Corp.)


Electronic Components Division acquired ISO 9001 certification.
Nidec Corp. became the largest stockholder of company and joined the Nidec Group.
Received Director of the Science and Technology Agency Award for long years of contribution to the camera industry by developing focal plane shutters for cameras.
Copal Optical and Electronic Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., was established in Shanghai.


Nidec Copal (Vietnam) Co., Ltd., was established in Vietnam.
Adopted an organizational structure based on business headquarters' concept.
Changed name to Nidec Copal Corp.


Fujitsu (Thailand) Copal Division, becoming independent as Nidec Copal (Thailand) Co., Ltd., built a new plant and started operations.
Nidec Copal (U.S.A.) Corp. was estsblished as the sales company of electronic and precision components.


Nidec Copal GmbH was established as the sales company of electronic and precision components in†Europe.
Purple Ribbon Medal in Spring for contribution to the development of focal plane shutters for cameras.
Koriyama Technical Center, Ichinoseki Plant, Muikamachi Plant, Nidec Copal Precision Parts Corp. acquired ISO14001 certification.
LED/SMD Dept., Nidec Copal Philippines Corp. acquired QS9000 certification.
Nidec Copal (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. established in China.


Entered into capital participation arrangement with Nidec System Engineering (Zhejiang) Corp. in China.
Head Office Area acquired ISO14001 certification.
Shiojiri Factory acquired ISO9001-2000 edition certification.


Copal Yamada Corp. was established.

2006 New factory for processing and assembling large parts at the Shiojiri Factory site.
2007 Fourth new factory established at the Nidec Copal (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.site.
2008 Copal Yamada Vietnam Corporation established.
Technical Center for Machining built on Niigata Nidec Copal Corp.
2010 Nidec Copal Precision(Vietnam) Corporation was established.
2011 Nidec Copal (Hong kong) Co., Ltd. Taiwan Representative office was established.
2012 Nidec Copal Precision Parts Corporation
changed name to Niigata Nidec Copal Corp.
2013 The new company building completed.
Became a wholly owned